Cloudy with a Chance of Cinnamon Buns

As I pedaled my rickety beach cruiser down to the docks at 5:30 this morning, I had several thoughts. First, I wondered what sort of supernatural force inspired me to make homemade hot chocolate at the ripe hour of 4:45 am, instead of using the Swiss Miss packets my mother buys in bulk. I then proceeded to think about how I inevitably would be longing for said Swiss Miss packets in place of my amateur concoction of Hershey's cocoa powder and milk when I sat on the damp dock in a matter of moments. Of course, I also wondered why I even was bothering to ride my bike down to the docks, considering the suffocating blanket of fog, eliminating the possibility of any sort of sunrise, which was the sole reason for me waking up so early anyway. On top of all that, I was doubting that my friends would even show up to join me in my sunrise-less picnic. An importune vision of me sitting alone on the dewy dock with nothing but a vile cup of hot chocolate to placate my disappointment in the absence of a sunrise was eating at my mind.

But then, I got to the dock. One of my friends, Mac, was sitting on the bench with a box of Fruit Loops and an absurd amount of energy for someone who woke up so early. "Oh my gosh I have been up for like two hours already and do you know which way the sun rises? And have Kellyn or Emmy or Rae texted you? I think they are still making cinnamon rolls. This fog looks so cool I love it but the bench is kinda wet do you have a towel or something? Oooo is that hot chocolate?" And just like that my worrisome bike ride and the silly image of me sitting alone on the dock seemed a million miles away. 

For the following hour and a half I sat on a damp bench with four of my best friends, washing down gooey cinnamon buns and pop tarts with bad hot chocolate. It was fabulous. We never saw the sunrise and we never cared. You see, we never cared because we didn't wake up at 4:30 to watch the sun come out; if we wanted to do that we would've checked the weather. No, we got up at 4:30 because we wanted a good story, and a good story is what we got. 

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