Mandal Madness

You buy these killer mandals, right? You’re feeling good. Yeah, you’re that girl with the cool ugly shoes. That TRENDY girl with the cool ugly shoes. The lady at the store who rung you up? She’s thinking you’re the hippest specimen to roam her store all day. The girl standing behind you at the salad bar? The envious vibes she’s radiating toward you, or rather, your feet, are palpable. Your mother? She thinks they’re weird and totally un-chic, but that’s just fueling your mojo-fire. Your best friend? You text her a pic of the glorious man-sandals so that together you can saunter in their sheer coolness. But wait… her reply is not what you expected:

EW. That BIZNATCH. How could she possibly rob you of the source of all your potential coolness? And you thought she was your friend. Next thing you know she’ll want to Instagram a picture of the two of you wearing the shoes with caption #TwinningTuesday. Vile.

But then, after you’ve calmed down a little, made yourself a tall glass of milk, you ponder the situation. Can your friend really be blamed for sharing in your love for ugly footwear? You did order the shoes from Zara, and though Zara is, undoubtedly, the ultimate supplier of all things cool, Zara also, undoubtedly, mass-produces those size 8 mandals like nobody’s business. So what is the big deal if some other girl has the same mandals as you? By next week half of New York will be strutting their stuff in them. And it shouldn’t even matter.

It shouldn’t matter because the mandal in itself is just, well, a mandal. It’s a shoe, a trend. What should matter is the way the shoe contributes to your overall style. This year Anna Wintour articulated in her presentation of the Style Icon Award that a true style icon uses clothing as a tool to communicate her story. The mandal? It’s just a tool. But the way you wear it? That’s the story. That’s your style. So all this angst you’re having over some matching mandals? Forget it. Your shoes may not be one of a kind, but your story is, thus your style will be also.

MC wearing Rag and Bone glasses, Lucy Paris top, Clover Canyon skirt,  Zara mandals

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