22 of the legend's weirdest moments to signify her 22 years of existence.

when she wore this shirt. and posed like this.

when she professed her love for bacon via vine

when she sported this bart simpson get-up. (perfectly paired with that red beanie, we might add)

when she posed as a larger-than-life-sized jack-in-the-box

when she exchanged this casual butt caress with badgal

when she made this turtle face at harry

when she held this cat and felt awe-inspired

when she bought a bunny, named it cecil, and created an instagram for it (@cecildelevingne)

when she paired this elizabeth taylor hat with a campbell's soup clutch

when she rode the escalator like this whilst karlie kloss felt uncomfortably normal

when she modeled that ugly hat while allowing a woman to rest her hand on her face.

when she wore this hotdog suit. and loved it.
when she hung out with this komodo dragon
when she uncontrollably laughed at karl lagerfeld's phone screen and karl remained stoic
when she dog-whispered with pink chihuahuas 

when she made this face as just a mere nugget

when she starred in this video for the love magazine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XXDM4MmYGQ)

when she touched tongues with miley, resulting in a rainbow of righteousness

when she went grocery shopping with rihanna and joan smalls at the chanel show

when she just kinda held a soccer ball during the victoria secret fashion show

when she wore this and felt oh-so content with the world

when she advocated twerking in the coolest of ways

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