How to Back-to-School Shop like a CHAMP

by Ryan Benson

Back to school shopping was invented solely as a way to assuage the terror of actually going back to school. It's like, "Hey! sorry that you have to bust your butt for the next ten months, writing an outrageous amount of papers on the significance of aglets and jupiter, but at least you get a cute pair of shorts out of it!" I don't know whether I should feel manipulated by this or just embrace the opportunity to coin some cool shorts. I guess because there's no escaping going back to school (seriously - I'm still fifteen, it's required by law that I go)I might as well buy the shorts. And buy them like a CHAMP, am I right? But how does one back to school shop like a CHAMP, you ask? See below!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

STEP 1: hit up a cool vintage/second hand store nearby.

STEP 2: scour like your life depends on it.

STEP 3: purchase a pair of platform mandals and reach new heights (pun very much intended).

STEP 4: fuel up at kick-butt burger joint.

STEP 4.5: don't forget to saunter in the awesomeness of newly purchased jewels whilst enjoying your hotdog.

STEP 5: convince yourself you are totally cultured, well-read, and ready to kill it this school-year at a charmingly cluttered book store.

STEP 7: end the afternoon by #fiercing in front of cool street art. 


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