What's Yo Flava?!

A person's favorite ice cream flavor is the information that unveils the secrets masked in the depths of the spirit. You're a vanilla-chocolate soft serve twist kinda gal? You obviously are nostalgic for your simpler childhood days. Do you opt for plain vanilla but load on the toppings? You appear ostentatious and spunky, but underneath your over-the-top facade, you're actually an old, classic soul. Now that I think of it, why really try to get to know someone anyway when you can just analyze her favorite ice cream flavor? Am I right?? This summer, I tracked down my friends from around the globe and demanded pictures of their cones, cups, and cookie sandwiches. So now you tell me, what do their fav flavas reveal about them? Are they bland or bold? Fearless or fearful? And then, if you feel comfortable enough confiding in me, comment your favorite flavor on this post. Maybe I'll analyze it for you and tell you something even you didn't know about yourself.

Strawberry on a cake cone. Mayville, NY.

Vanilla soft serve. London Bridge, London, UK. 

Photo by Murphy Brennan

Cotton candy. Berlin, Germany.

Photo by Lauren Marshall

Milk and cookies and mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles. Charlotte, NC.

Photo by Mebane Garner

Vanilla-chocolate soft serve twist with rainbow sprinkles. Chautauqua, NY.

Fig on a wafer cone. Orosi, Costa Rica.

Photo by Caroline Beltz

Coffee bean and mint chocolate chunk. Mayville, NY.

Photo by Emmy O'Leary

Strawberry. San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Photo by Caroline Beltz

Salted caramel gelato. Charleston, SC.

Vanilla with crunch and rainbow sprinkles. Chautauqua, NY.

Coffee and cookies n cream. Normandy, NJ.

Photo by Kit Smith

Mint chip soft serve with m&m's. Chautauqua, NY.

Photo by Sam O'Leary

Mint chocolate chunk in a waffle cone. Mayville, NY.

Photo by Sam O'Leary

Strawberry gelato. Florence, Italy.

Photo by Alice Munro

Cereal milk soft serve. New York, NY.

Photo by Abbie Lynch

Coffee,  coconut, and cookies n cream gelato. Isle of Palms, SC.

Photo by Caroline Funderburg

Diddy Riese ice cream sandwich: mint chocolate chip ice cream on chocolate chip cookies. Los Angeles, CA.

Photo by Emmy O'Leary

Cookie dough and chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. Charlotte, NC.

Photo by Lauren Marshall

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