Saturday Night's Alright For Craftin'

by Ryan Benson

Some Saturday nights I'd rather be with glitter than with people. I'd rather be sitting on the ground in my room alone, creating punny collages alone, drinking almond milk alone, drawing unicorns alone, listening to Jack Johnson alone. Doing the things you love most with friends is splendid, don't get me wrong, but sometime's it's more gratifying to do the things that really make you happy in the company of you, yourself, and…uh… you. In high school there's a lot of pressure to constantly be with friends. If you're not in the immediate premises of an earthling age 15-18, you're being lame. But the thing is, being alone is not lame at all - it's peaceful! it's liberating! it's empowering! So, like, try it! Tell your friends you can't hang tonight- you already made some steamy plans with a glue gun and some glitter. By the end of the night you'll have a couple of sick-nasty collages and a sense of self-security. 

flying sparkly crystals!!!! 

gold star if you can find lena dunham

eye don't know

glitter is happy sauce, am i right ladies?

tame is, indeed, lame.

i call it, puzzled unicorn

selfie of the artist as a young girl



Autumn Hair Inspo

by Ryan Benson

Tired of your typical ponytail? Draw some inspiration from these snazzy styles to revamp your hair-do repertoire.