Seriously Though, Has Anyone Seen "x"?

by Ryan Benson

I was doing my algebra homework. Okay no. No, let me rephrase this. 

I glared at the dauntingly crisp, cold pages of my algebra book. My finger tip spurted with blood--a fresh battle scar from the razor sharp pages. Tears gathered in my eyes like tweens at the punchbowl of a middle school dance. A faint buzzing, eerily similar to the ringing of a school bell, wafted in my ears. I was hitting a low point. My breathing quickened, my vision blurred. I never have and never will do LSD, but I imagine if I did, it would feel a lot like this algebra breakdown, only maybe with hallucinations of unicorns. Where was 'x'?!? For weeks I had been falling, or rather flailing, from the safety of "A+ Rock" (like Pride Rock only not) into the territory of "C- Lagoon." Now, the lagoon was in sight, polluted and slimy and crowded and to top it off I forgot my floaties. I was so not ready for this… I closed my eyes, anticipating the popping feeling in my lungs when I drowned in C-'s… 


Marvin Gaye's voice, soulful as my grandma on a Sunday, saved me. Oh yes. My man Marvin plucked me right out of C- lagoon and together we started making the trek back to "A+ Rock." All along he held my hand and serenaded me:

"Listen, baby"

And I totally started listening.

"Ain't no mountain high enough,
Ain't no valley low enough, 
Ain't no river wide enough,
to keep you from findin' 'x'"

just look at ol' Marv radiating

And you know what, I did find that sneaky little 'x'. It wasn't easy, but Marv was right. There truly ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to 'x'. So I urge you now, fellow stressed-out, angst-laden teen, to think of Marvin and me whilst bullet-pointing the pragmatic ideologies of the Enlightenment, or completing the final lines of your Latin translation,or maybe just doing your algebra homework. Don't let any river, mountain, or valley stand in your way. Allow Marv's voice to save you from sinking in "C- Lagoon." Above all, persevere and believe in yourself, because Marvin Gaye believes in you!!!!!!!!!!

~inspired by real life events~

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  1. I have never felt so awe inspired by Marvin Gaye in my life... but thank you Ry for the support in the drowning quest for "x"
    sincerely, your fellow bel-z
    P.S. I can very much relate to the tears brought by the Algebra text book