1989. Purrrrrrrfect.

by Grace Tabor

YOUTH… by grace! (edited by ya girl ryan)

Sup playaz, Grace here. Many of you lovely readers probably already know that Taylor Swift came out with her album 1989 last Monday. Per usual her lyrics were überly on point and per usual there was much speculation from the media about which boyfriend/break-up inspired this array of ingenious ballads. Everybody says that the whole album is about Harry Styles. I beg to differ. Forget Hazza, 1989 is 113% about Taylor’s furry feline friends, Meredith and Olivia.
Taylor loves her cats with the utmost passion. Therefore, what would be more appropriate than writing an entire album about them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Here’s the cold, hard evidence to prove the cute, furry truth:

1.     Welcome to New York-
“Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you”. As Taylor steps out of her Tribeca apartment, kitty kennel in hand, she angelically hums this tune as she proceeds to tour Mer and Olivia around the big apple, Aladdin style… #taycanshowyouthewoooorld. Just check out these pictures… what else would she possibly be doing besides introducing her cats to the fast lane of NYC because $WAGhugkittenzgetmoney.

Taylor can shoooow you the woooorld… shining, shimmering, splendid!

2.     Blank Space-
This song is a straight up ballad to Olivia Benson. “Nice to meet you where you been, I can show you incredible things” are the first lines of this song and Taylor purchased Liv Benson around the time Blank Space was in the works. Coincidence? I think not. She sings, “Oh my god, look at that face… love’s a game, wanna play?” and all I can think of is Olivia, more commonly known to Tay as Dibbles. Dibbles is pretty dang cute and from the amount of ‘grams I’ve seen lately, I guess Taylor’s got some pretty strong feelings for her.
So Taylor’s parents were cat-sitting and took this photoshoot of Olivia Benson. This happened.

3.     Wildest Dreams-
Now this one may come as a shock, as #HAYLOR shippers are very serious about this song. In the second verse, she sings, “his hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room”. You may be saying, “Grace, you’re crazy. Her cats are both girls and she uses male pronouns. This can’t be about her cats.” And to that I would say “touché”, but maybe she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s writing about her female cats by saying “him” and making her sound more socially confident. I wouldn’t want that type of info circulating through the interwebs (sry Tay- I’ve outed ya). This picture is literally the illustration of these words, though. She may have been sleeping with Harry two years ago but look whom she’s sleepin with now? Olivia is her main bish and we’ve just gotta accept it for what it is.
pretty sure that cat's paws are in her hair. case closed.

4.     Wonderland (Bonus Track)-
“Didn’t you flash your green eyes at me, didn’t you calm my fears with a Cheshire cat smile?”. I believe this one is pretty self-explanatory. Who has green eyes? Meredith does. Who may look like a Cheshire cat? Oh, Meredith would because she does indeed happen to be a cat. Case solved.
dem eyes doe

All in all, it seems pretty evident to me that Tay’s love for her cats got a bit out of hand this time. But hey! The album is pretty much the most gucci thing I’ve ever heard in my life, so I guess I’m eternally grateful to two cats? 

zayyyyum olivia you looking foine #canihaveyonumba


Grace, hopelessly devoted taylor/Olivia Benson/Meredith fanatic

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