Weird Wednesday: Miley BLING and Good Vibes

by Ryan Benson

Party People!!!! Waaaazzzup this Wednesday? Feeling weird and wonderful? Actually--don't answer that--just read on, darlings, because I GUARANTEE you'll be feelin' plenty pizazzy by the end of this post. 

If you weren't already aware, last spring Miley Cyrus created a plethora of dank beaded bracelets to honor the life of her pup, Floyd, who had recently passed away. Instead of grieving Floyd's death, Miley used beading to celebrate Floyd's life in a sick-nasty way that was uplifting to all. She confected the wacky-wonderful bracelets from those colorful plastic beads one finds in the depths of the crafts bin at summer camp or jammed onto the shelves at Michael's. Simple, but phunkyphresh. After posting pics of her beaded bling on Instagram, designer Jeremy Scott got inspired. He loved Miley's Floyd jewels and asked to do a collaboration for his Spring 2015 collection. The end result was weird, but wonderful:

Miley's Floyd bling did not only inspire designer Jeremy Scott, but it also inspired my dear galpal and crafting-extradonaire, Lilly Whitman. This fall Lilly has been crankin' out Miley-esque bracelets by the pound. She gifts her masterpieces to teammates, lab partners, besties, moms, lunch ladies, and pets as tokens of love.  The girl spreads love and groovy Miley vibes, one high school girl's wrist at a time. What a superstar. And anyone can do it! Oh yeah baby--the marvelous thing about Miley/Lilly's creations is that anyone can make and share them. All ya need is string, plastic beads, and good vibes. Huzzah! Oh, and did I mention, making these phunkyphresh bracelets is a prime stress-reliever? Because it is. So, my preeety leetle youthlings, if you still aren't feeling all that pizzazzy, go on out, get yoself some beads, and start spreading vibes. 

YLY (YOUTH loves you)

Find the hidden messages...

I spy YOUTH!!!

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