Muse for YOUTH by Alley and Collier

PALS! Boy do I have good news for you. Two of my ├╝ber-talented artist frands, Collier and Alley, are kicking off their own column on YOUTH. They call it "Muse." Muse is a space for you guys (youthlings) to share all your rad artwork with us and the rest of the world wide web. Alley and Collier are collecting submissions of artwork right now via email (alleyandcollieryouth@gmail.com) and Instagram (#museforyouth). If you have a doodle, a sculpture, a sketch, a painting, or anything else that you created and are proud of, just snap a pic of your work and email it to Alley and Collier or use their hashtag. About every two weeks A & C will go through the submissions and post a couple of their favorite pieces on Muse. The gals will also post pictures of their own art to share personal struggles, techniques, inspiration, and vibes. Waaaahooooo! Let the musin' begin.




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