Oldies but Goodies

by Ryan Benson

For the remaining two weeks of winter break I intend to smother myself in fuzzy blankets, stick to a strict Danish Kringle/donut diet, stay in bed, and watch charming, old movies. The only thing that could possibly put a damper on my winter-cozy-cheery-lovely-sweetsmelling-bliss is my mother telling me to get out of bed (Mom!!! can't you see i'm busy!?!?!?) and the unthinkable stress of actually choosing the movies I watch. Lucky for both me and you, we got Mebane Garner, old movie obsessor/expert/extraordinaire. Meeerb!!!! Come to our rescue!!! Give us a list of movies to watch so we don't have to pick them out ourselves!!!! ("Okay Master Ryan, whatever you say") Hehehehe. Check out Mebane's list of the loveliest old movies to curl up and watch with some Kringle and cocoa. Oh! I almost forgot. To evade dreaded chores or even getting out of bed, ask your mom to watch the old movies with you! Wintery cuddle sessions with loved ones, old movies, and Kringle are what it's aaaaall about. 

Mebane's Must-Watch's

A Man Who Knew Too Much
A Philadelphia Story

Dial M for Murder

Rear Window
Roman Holiday
Breakfast at Tiffany's
North by Northwest
It's a Wonderful Life
Witness for the Persecution
To Catch a Thief

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