Rox Ur Sox

by Ryan Benson

Since the dawn of time, humanity has affiliated the gift of socks with a disappointed adolescent, seated in front of a menorah/christmas tree/kinara, monotonously thanking her/his grandmother for "such a useful gift." Well humanity, I shame you. Socks are fantastic. They have the potential to add vibrancy or goofiness or girliness or sportiness to any outfit, all the while keeping your toes at a toasty temperature. This holiday season, I urge you to consider this underrated undergarment when shopping for pals or making your own last-minute wishez. Check out some of the socks on my wish list below…


(click the pics to go to shop)

Oooolala! These ones from Urban are the cutest. Wear them with funky clogs!

These are so happy. Wear them with beat-up, white tennis shoes. (cuteness courtesy of American Apparel)

These beauts from Shopbop are ├╝ber-cool and so breathable!Wear them with futuristic sandals.

More phunkyphresh American Apparel awesomeness. 

These are the cutest. Frilly white socks from Urban. Pair them with tough Oxfords, gal! 

These ones from Urban would be PERFECT with Birkenstocks. So quirky-comfy-chic.

I'm going bananas over these babies. I'd wear them with chunky, black mandals.

Bacon socks from Nylon. These speak for themselves. Wear them with absolutely nothing else. 

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