Best Friend or Significant Other???

by Ryan Benson

 There comes a point in certain best-friendships when the parties included no longer exist as two singular beings but rather one fused soul: two people sharing dessert, vocabulary, underwear, celebrity obsessions, hatred for certain people, and above all an inordinate amount of time. Upon reaching this point in a friendship you may take a moment of reflection and ask yourself, "Wait, is this human my best friend or my significant other? Because it feels like we're dating just without, like, the making-out part." This moment of clarity will lead you to realize that the friendship you so cherished is not a friendship at all, but an epic romance. Maybe realizing you are dating your best friend evokes feelings of delight, maybe it makes you question the meaning of friendship, your personal purpose, and life in general. Undoubtedly it will make you feel weirded out. Several events typically precede this "OMG I'm actually dating my best friend" epiphany. Below I created a list of the events, or symptoms, if you will, that indicate your best friend really is your significant other. 

1) An early symptom of friend romance is talking about your best friend in response to another person talking about his/her official romantic partner. As in boyfriend/girlfriend. Let me paint you a picture:

Sharon*: "Ugh, I just don't know what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. Is a watch too committal? What about a tie? You think he'd like a tie?"
You: "A tie might be good. You know one time I got Pat these really awesome pair of socks and she loved them. Of course, she's partial to socks, and not my boyfriend. Still, you should definitely consider socks."

When responding to others' relationship troubles/predicaments with best-friendship troubles/predicaments you are, in fact, equalizing your friendship to a romantic relationship. Beware. This is a telltale sign you may actually be dating your best friend. 

2) An obvious friend-love symptom is excessive displays of affection, especially of the public variety. Holding hands in the halls. Cuddling in movie theaters. Good-bye/hello hugs. Chic cheek kisses. Playing footsie at dinner. Friend-dating.

3)Do you go out to dinner on school nights with your best friend? Yes? That qualifies as going on a date, pal.

4)Petty fights definitely suggest friend-dating. Do you fight with your best friend about hogging the covers? Leaving her dirty clothes on your floor? Showing up late to your dinner dates? That's funny, so do romantically involved old people. 

5)Did your mom ask if your best friend is actually your significant other? If so, you are, with out a doubt, dating your best friend. 


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