Man Candy Monday: Dreamy-Hunky Heartbreakers

by Ryan Benson

 What is a hunk? Is it a man with luscious, flowing hair, swept into an unkempt man-bun? Is it a beachy, bronzed dreamboat sporting short-shorts that accentuate his toned legs, golden with perspiration and tanning oil? Is it a boyish, innocent being with clear eyes, jet-black hair, and a goofy grin? Is it a dapper, crew-cutted male with a wardrobe that might as well have come from the haberdashery of the gods? Ahhh, men. What gifts. Though we do realize it's what's on the inside that counts, sometimes we'd rather just look at them. 

(Young)Brad Pitt

James Franco

Douglas Booth

Cary Grant
James Dean


John Mayer

Johnny Depp

Jude Law

Harry Styles

Leonardo Dicaprio

Logan Lerman

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