Selfie Therapy

by Ryan Benson

"Selfie" is a word that we associate with self-centeredness and vainness and millennial nonsense. It's a joke of a word, a word  often accompanied by scoffs and eye-rolls and snickers. But taking a picture of yourself is not a vain or shallow action, it can be symbol of bravery and confidence. To be able to see yourself as art is a feat. It takes courage and comfortability  to snap a selfie, and even more courage and comfortability to share that selfie with others. And anyways, taking pictures of yourself can be super therapeutic. Jamming to good tunes (YOUTH Radio's gotcha back), putting on phunky makeup, and making strange facial expressions in front of a camera by yourself is actually an amazing (and yes, sort of bizarre) stress-reliever/pass time. Plus, you'll probably end up with some pretty groovy results. See below for the phunky outcome of a night spent with me, myself, a camera, and I. 

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