YOUTH Radio: Hodgy Beats-DENATAPE 2

by Amy Karp
Genre: rap, experimental hip-hop
You've heard: "Analog," now listen to: "If I Say So"

        DENATAPE 2 is Hodgy's best work yet. It's filled with classic Odd Future nonsense that we have all come to know and love over the years... aka there's tons of jokes and bragging and fun. But DENATAPE 2 also shows how much Hodgy has grown and polished his talent since his (and all of Odd Future's) first solo mix tape, DENATAPE, in 2009.
        For those of you who know vaguely of Tyler, the Creator but don't really get the whole group dynamic, allow me to explain. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck (often shortened to OFWGKTADGAF, OFWGKTA, simply OF, or Golf Wang) is a rap collective based in LA, created by Tyler in 2007. Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Tyler, the Creator, and Casey Veggies were the founding members of the group and now they have become much larger; new notable members include Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and Syd tha Kid. Basically, all of them are super-talented and for the most part totally underrated rappers/musicians/producers who will one day change the way people think about the genre of rap altogether.
         But back to Hodgy. Hodgy is one half of Mellowhype, an Odd Future subgroup, the other half being fellow OF member, Left Brain. Mellowhype has put out 3 studio albums,  Yellowhite, Blackenedwhite, and Numbers, but this is Hodgy's first solo album since DENATAPE and approximately 8 million times better. He manages to maintain everything that is essentially Hodgy while showing the world a whole new side of himself at the same time. The fourth track on the album, "Cudda Been," is chill and extremely thoughtful while the fifth track, "Wild Boy," is aggressive and fast tempo-ed, yet the transition between the two is effortless. Other notable songs include "HakuemeniB" and "FREEALLMYNIGGAS."
        Overall, the album is definitely worth a listen and completely free. That's right. Hodgy doesn't charge a single dime for you to listen to his incredible album so you have absolutely nothing to lose(:
        Here, for your enjoyment, are some great pictures of Hodgy Beats and a Soundcloud playlist that contains my favorite tracks from DENATAPE 2 along with other similar songs from Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, etc.


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