"Volcanic" Style Inspiration from Duckie Dale

by Ryan Benson

Duckie Dale, spunky side-boy supporting actor in Pretty in Pink, outfit aficionado, and dude with the diggiest dance moves on the big screen(sorry, Swayze... but that boy can GROOVE), is a character that oozes with inspiration. Not only is his outlook perpetually positive and his prom get-up spot on (the velvet tux/gem bolo tie combo was the epitome of phunkyphresh), but his sense of self is something to which we all should aspire. In an earlier post I discussed how style should be a tool that helps you find yourself. Well, the Duckman masters the use of style as a form of dynamic self-expression, and for that we envy, applaud, and idolize him. Duckie, dear, you are, as you would say, "volcanic" (hot and dangerous). 

Thank you, dear Duckster, for blazing the trail of sporting beat-up white shoes with formalwear. We credit our white-converse-sundress combos to you.

The gem bolo tie. The blue velvet tux. The rad rings. The scrumptiously fluffy hair. Duckie, darling, you've done it again.

Volcanic, to say the least.

Where can I find a pair of those quirky-cool glasses???

Click on the photos below to shop my Duckie-inspired picks.

Shades from ShopBop

Floral Blazer-shorts combo from ASOS

Scuff up these cool Jeffrey Campbell loafers for a Duckie-esque feel. 

Pair this classic shirt with the floral blazer/shorts for a deliciously Duckman pattern combination. 

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