YOUTH Radio: Tyler, the Creator in All His Glory

by Amy Karp

Tyler, the Creator, who turns twenty-four today (yay), is a rapper, record producer, actor, artist, designer, and founder of the rap collective "Odd Future." Impressively, he built his entire empire well before his twenty-fourth birthday; he founded Odd Future when he was 16 to be exact. But he is so much more than those aforementioned titles. He's a promoter of the weird and different, a supporter of individuality, a role model, and an inspiration. His most unbelievable trait, though, is that even with his incredible, successful career, he stays insanely grounded and humble. 

Upon meeting him in September while I was at his store in LA, I witnessed this trait first hand. He was leaning against a tree trunk, skateboard in hand, surrounded by some of his vast group of friends and me. A lot of people would walk or skate by and yell things like "dude you're awesome"(surprisingly I was the only fan who bothered him for so long). In response he would simply say "nah I'm okay" without any indication that he felt differently or was joking at all.  

The way that he never takes himself too seriously or regards himself too highly is a contributing factor to how he is able to do so much so well. He is always striving, trying to be better, never complacement. Today, on his birthday, we should all just take a moment to recognize the great things Tyler, the Creator has done for the betterment of society from hilarious YouTube videos and Vines to the album Wolf
Please enjoy the compilation of all things Tyler below(:

these lyrics
these dance moves

this thoughtful tongue waggling 

this music video

this necklace

those glasses
this Larry King interview
this dance move from the Happy video
this sentiment
my favorite quote in the whole world
this high five
this appreciation for the individual

this logic

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