YOUTH Radio: How Two Incredible Females Became the Unlikely Heroes of Brochella

by Amy

The Coachella 2015 main stage was dominated by rock legends, ACDC and Jack White, popular hip hop icons, Drake and The Weekend, and indie rock stars looking to make a better name for themselves, Tame Impala, Alt-J and the War on Drugs. Through no fault of their own, or even Coachella's necessarily, all of the aforementioned performers are male. Yes, in fact, twenty-one of the twenty-five performers on the main stage and 153 of the 179 artists in total were male. That means that only fifteen percent of the whole lineup was female-fronted singers and bands.

My intent is not to criminalize the festival for making the lineup in the way that they did. The people who put the festival together do an excellent job of making everything run smoothly to provide the best experience possible for all of the concert-goers. I am sure first they find what interesting artists released albums since Coachella 2014 and base their decisions mainly on hiring those artists combined with the most famous artists that they can. 

I racked my brain trying to think of what females Coachella could have been included--Rita Ora, maybe, or Charli XCX? Lorde, Grouplove, and Lana Del Rey were there last year; Metric and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played the year before. They could go more mainstream with someone like Rihanna or Ariana Grande but that doesn't really fit Coachella's  image, assuming the pop stars would even want to perform. 

Anyway, my point being that the main stage was filled to the brim, all day for three days, with mega-talented performers. In this sea of amazing dude performers who were among some of the best performers I have ever watched in all my three years attending Coachella, two females shone quite a bit more brightly than the rest: Azealia Banks and Florence and the Machine. They were impossible to take your eyes off of, unforgettable and totally mesmerizing. 

Azealia sang beautifully, rapped like the best of em, danced, was entirely humble and authentic, and managed to say nothing controversial for maybe the first time ever. She proved to the world that she is not just famous because she says things that offend people constantly, but she actually deserves her fame and fans. Her energy was infectious and no one in the crowd stopped dancing throughout the whole performance (including her dope back-up dancers).

Florence, a goddess and a gift to the whole universe, sang more beautifully while sprinting through the crowd than most people could ever hope to, took her top off, got everyone to hug each other, and completely lived her music. The way she danced, or rather moved, with the music her band created was simply beautiful. She fed off the crowd's enthusiasm and was never without a smile. She has this energy that is all hers, all adrenaline and happiness. 

Not only did these women who are also my new role models prove for themselves how incredible they are, they proved that women can kill the main stage just as well, if not better than the many men who performed. 

I would also like to give a shout out to MØ, FKA Twigs, Marina and the Diamonds, Alison Wonderland, Jenny Lewis, and Clean Bandit and the rest of the awesome females led acts who did Coachella proud this year. 

I didn't take many videos but here is a very brief, and slightly blurry, insight to Azealia's and Florence's performances. 

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