MUSE: Introducing Will Ritchey

by Will
photos by Alley

Hello, my fellow youthlings! I am proud to say that I am now part of the YOUTH squad. I will be writing for the MUSE portion of this phunky operation, so as an introduction I thought it would be appropriate to share a little something about what art means to me and how I got into it. 

I got started drawing at a really young age. I've always had a very active imagination and creative way of viewing the world, so I guess drawing was my way of expressing myself. I did a lot of cartoons and characters throughout elementary school. In middle school I jumped back and forth from characters to graffiti. I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, a film by Banksy, around seventh grade and that really inspired me to try out stenciling. Then I worked on the classic street style lettering type of Graffiti. I drew words as best as I could and tried to add a flare to them. Through that I developed good control over my hand. Hand control is essentially the ability to look at something or imagine it, and lay down the lines on a piece of paper efficiently and accurately without measuring or doing a bunch of little sketchy lines. 

After middle school I delved into portraiture, which is still one of my favorite things to do. Mastering the proportions of a face and attempting to nail all the placement of facial features is a rewarding challenge. Sophomore year my tastes grew to the overall love of design. I am an urban environment, architecture, and design junky. Everything around us is design. People that build houses, design street plans, come up with zoning laws, etc. have a huge and often unrecognized impact on our surroundings. I hope to one day become someone in that field and build an environment that is beautiful and efficient. I love the idea of having a big impact on people's surroundings and making them more enjoyable. When you give a piece of land purpose, whatever you put there can become more than a building-- it can be art. Right now I am working on a project that includes floor plans, digital 3-D models, and up scales for six apartments that would be placed in an abandoned Charlotte-Mecklenburg area schools. To me, art is more than something on a piece of paper; it is everything around us. It's up to the thinkers, the creatives, and the people of the world to paint something inspiring on Earth's canvas.

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