MUSE: So You Wanna Be Creative

By Will

Hello, my fellow human beings! Today I am going to provide you with some knowledge that will completely alter the rest of your entire existence. Not really. That was an exaggeration. However, these tips are pretty rad and can help you use that imagination of yours much more easily. So, let us begin. 

Through my deep exploration of multiple three-minute self-help YouTube videos and reflection upon my own creative processes, I deducted that there is a variety of ways to ignite your creative energy; about forty. Yeah, forty ways. I know what you're thinking: "That's about thirty ways too many, Will." I agree with you, my peeps. But do not fear, the list has undergone a condensing and de-borifying process to make this dealio simple, sweet, and successful. Please, avert your attention to the recommendations below.  


So You Wanna Be Creative? Try these stuffs.

  1. Find inspiration: This can be anything: music, art, literature, random objects, emotions, video games, movies, ANYTHING!!! Just find something that gets your ideas rolling.
  2. Adventure: Change your environment. The brain begins to use creative sectors when it is exposed to a new environment.
  3. Break the rules: "What rules?" Exactly. It's creativity, there are no rules. If you put a burden on yourself to make something a specific way, it gets harder to think openly. 
  4. Experiment: Try something that might seem stupid or that you're not accustomed to. It might be awesome. Worth a shot, right?
  5. Take breaks: Give your mind a minute to chillax. You never know what clever idea might pop into your brain.
  6. Ask questions: Feel free to question anything and everything. Creativity is filled with "what-if's."
  7. Do not focus: Try not to focus too intensely. Using the portion of your brain that controls hyper focusing actually decreases your ability to be creative. 
  8. Have ADHD: Okay, that's a difficult task for some. Attempt to be distracted. Try to multitask when being creative. Pace back and forth or throw a ball while thinking. 
  9. Be spontaneous: Spontaneity is key. Don't think "why?" Think "why not?"
  10. Carry a notepad: When great ideas do come to you, write them down!
Good luck on your journey to creativity, youthlings!  


  1. I love your style of writing! Spontaneity is AWESOME. Keep it up!

    thatcrazygiraffe.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Thank you! Really appreciate it.