Why Vintage is All That and More: Hangin' Out With Stash Pad Vintage

By Ryan and Amy

Vintage is the phunkiest and we all know it. But there's an art and a mystery to vintage that only a few souls have fully unveiled. Last weekend, Amy and I ventured to Stash Pad, vintage store/love-child of Heather Lamparter and Corrie Throckmorton (located in Charlotte, NC), in hopes of attaining but a few of the golden nuggets of wisdom that the vintage connoisseurs might have to offer. I can proudly say that we came out of Stash Pad that evening with more than just a few nuggets of wisdom, but a plethora of nuggets, if you will. And wig caps. We also came out with wig caps.

~~~~snippets from our conversation whilst trying on the GROOVIEST clothing and wigs~~~~

Ryan: "So how do you guys find all these awesome clothes and stock your store? Like what's the process?"

Heather: "Well I go to a lot of estate sales and thrift shops. You know, like Value Village and stuff. All the thrift stores in town suck so I go to the ones in smaller towns farther away."

Corrie: "Yeah and we also use our grandmothers' and mothers' old stuff. People will bring in vintage clothing to us also and we'll sort through it and pick out the good parts."

Amy: "And what about all the wigs? I feel like the wigs are really unique to Stash Pad. How did you guys get into that?"

Corrie: "Well, before this place was Stash Pad it was a wig store called Fifi Mahoney's. I worked at Fifi's for a while; it was awesome. And I used to be in a band called the BabyShakers and every performance I'd wear a different wig. So I guess Stash Pad has wigs to honor Fifi's and because I've always loved them."

Amy: "Aahhh! What?!? Tell us about your band! Do you have pictures?"

Corrie: "Yeah, I have the archives in the back I'll get them. Some of my friends were like, 'We're starting a band and we need a bass player. Will you join?' Of course I said yes. I had no idea how to play the bass at the time but I learned. It was awesome."

Heather: "They were really good. They played at Fashion Week and opened up for Iggy Pop."

Ryan: "What?!?! That's insane!"

Corrie: "It was really fun. One of my friends that was in the band did my makeup before each show really in a really extravagant and cool way. Now in Stash Pad we sell really bright hues of makeup so the wild makeup motif definitely lives on. Yeah, but Heather's boyfriend was in the band too." 

Ryan: "Oh, so it seems like you guys have been friends for a while. When and how'd you decide to open up Stash Pad?"

Heather: "Well we've always had similar taste and loved clothes. We've always talked about it. We just finally decided to do it last year."

Corrie: "I was going to UNCC taking business classes, failing and hating it. I wanted to do something I loved."

Heather: "Yeah, and what was it that Sophia Amoruso (CEO of NastyGal) wrote in her book #GIRLBOSS? Something like 'the ultimate badass move is entrepreneurship.' Corrie and I both read that book in like two days."

Amy: "Sophia Amoruso rocks. Okay, so what era would you say you gravitate towards most?"

Heather: "Definitely the psychedelic fashions of the late 1960s to the early 1970s."

Ryan: "And what makes vintage so magical?"

Heather: "It is not only a small piece of fashion history but it's all one of a kind. When you purchase a vintage piece, it is completely unique. No one else will have anything like it."


Corrie and Heather gettin' it done behind the counter

struttin' my stuff in front of the mural on the side of the store

Ryan inside Stash Pad

Corrie sorting through the archives from her BabyShaker days

Corrie playing bass for her band, BabyShaker

an old picture of Corrie's bandmate

outside the store

Corrie and Ryan adjusting a phunky wig

Amy tryin' out a new weave


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