MUSE: Bring Life to Your Neighborhood

By William Ritchey

In a window of brainstorming and boredom, I was exploring TED talks and found an inspiring video. In the talk, the speaker, Mundano, an established South American street artist, covered the lives of "catadores." Catadores are residents of Brazil who pick recyclables out of trash for a living. He described them as super heroes, rightfully so, because they recycle 90% of Brazil's annual waste. That's quite a bit of recycling, folks. Mundano elaborated on his passion for making catadores known and integrating their culture with the culture of higher social statuses. With his artistic skills and a hefty number of volunteers, he began the campaign "Pimp My Carroca." The project grew rapidly and provided necessities for thousands of catadores: gloves, clean clothing, haircuts, free dental and medical work, and last but not least, reconstruction and designing the their trash carts.

I fell in love with this idea of bringing creativity and beauty into a community through something that is normally viewed as dirty. I set my mind on making trash day more aesthetically pleasing. This lead me to my current project: Pimp My Trash Can.

So, how do you transform your dull grey container into a pop of color on the sidewalk?
Please, view the video below.


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