Greetings beloved youthlings, and welcome to a portion of my soul.

Being young is about creation. It's about creating friendships and style and taste and a sense of humor and ultimately yourself. Initially I created YOUTH as a space for my own creation. YOUTH was my own place to express the eccentric part of my brain that too often went un-used and unnoticed. But YOUTH, when it expressed only my creations and creative process, was flawed. You see, creativity is not independent. As a young person the people who surround me--my friends and family and the characters in the books I read and the faces on my Instagram feed--they influence the creation of myself. Creation is a process of inspiration and revision and criticism and reflection and each one of those steps, whether directly or indirectly, is linked to another human being. Thus YOUTH, with yours truly as the only mind behind it and name on it, did not wholly capture the process of creation.

So I formed the YOUTH squad, a band of passionate, youthful creators. Alley Bell and Collier Barksdale and Will Ritchey, co-masterminds behind MUSE for YOUTH, cultivate a space where as a community we can discuss what art is and where our own art comes from and what makes our art a part of us. Amy Karp, Big Cahuna of YOUTH Radio, explores good music and the forces and voices behind it and the possible directions in front of it. Kelly Mulrooney, the voice behind YOUTH Voice (haha?), unveils her own definition of right and wrong and challenges you to do the same. Each of us are very different people with different opinions and tastes and creations yet each of us are constantly influencing and inspiring one another. 

I hope here, within this glitter-infested inter-web realm, you also find inspiration. I hope you find something that makes you think and something that makes you laugh and something to which you can relate. I hope that with us you explore and discover and most importantly feel what it means to be young.

Be PhunkyPhresh Phorever,
Ryan Benson

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